Sunday 18 March 2012


              Deeksha Bhardwaj’s name has been registered into the LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS' 2010 in Paintings chapter.
“Being workaholic and practical in nature and this quality has taken my name nationally..My name has been registered for making the 'longest painting by an individual' in the “Limca Book Of Records” in the Paintings Chapter in 2010 itself, this is a painting which measures 1189 metres long depicting enormous forms of Lord Ganesha. This project has helped me a lot and enhanced my more of a workaholic nature. I am a work addict rather I cannot stay out for long without practising painting on a regular aspects. This project has taken me somewhere and made my vigourous effort of approx seven months " a dream come true"”.
                 Impossible word stays away from my dictionary, that is, when just the thinking of this whole project was told to others leaving them with goose bumps, which was quite motivating for me as a whole while I was implementing it really”, tells Deeksha.


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